Color change wraps

What is a color change wrap? 

Color change wraps or paint wraps are becoming more and more popular every day, one reason for this dramatic increase in these types of wraps is the added protection it provides to your vehicles paint job. When you wrap a vehicle in a color change film, you are not only covering the factory paint underneath, you're also protecting it from surface scratches, rock chips, sun fading, and more. Color change wraps are available in hundreds of colors and finishes, all for a fraction of the price of a professional paint job. Color change wraps are often a great choice for your new leased vehicle, a 2 to 4 year lease is the perfect time frame for a wrap to be installed on your vehicle. Leave the wrap on the car for the length of your lease, and then peel it off at the end revealing your untouched factory paint job, this makes selling your vehicle or turning it back in to the dealership a breeze. They won't believe you were able to keep your paint in such perfect condtion! 

Can anyone install a color change wrap?

Although it is possible to install a vehicle wrap yourself, more than likely it is not in your (or your car's) best interest to tackle this project on your own, if your vehicle is important to you - leave it to the pros! Before considering a color change wrap, you must first find a shop that is experienced and knowledgable in the installation of specialty color change wrap films. Make sure to ask each potential shop to see a portfolio of their work, and make sure to ask to see fine details. Any one can wrap a car to look good in a photo 10 feet away, but only the best wrap installers will be able to show you up close shots of door handles, bumpers and other more difficult areas of a vehicle. 

If you are interested in wrapping your vehicle with a color change film, give us a call at The Wrap Agency for a free quote and consultation!