How to wash and care for your vehicle wrap

So you have decided to invest in a vehicle wrap for your car or truck, now how do you care for that investment and keep your wrap looking great for years to come? Although washing a vehicle with a vinyl wrap is a bit different than washing a vehicle with a standard paint job, it is not too complicated and can be done without breaking your bank. 

What to use to wash your wrapped vehicle: 

  • Any clean soft sponge, cloth, or microfiber towel works great to scrub the dirt and grime off of your wrap. Be careful using car wash brushes (from the car wash or otherwise) as they often trap dirt and rocks in the brushes and can cause scratching of your wrap and vehicle paint.  
  • Many wrap shops suggest using products such as 3M® Car Wash Soap 39000, or Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash or Deep Crystal® Car Wash. At The Wrap Agency, what we have found is that any quality car wash soap will work just fine.  
  • Rinse vehicle with clear water after washing. Minimize water spotting by using a silicone squeegee or chamois to remove water. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

What to avoid using to wash your wrapped vehicle:

  • Avoid automatic car washes that use brushes, and touchless car washes that spray at sharp angles with high pressure soap and water- these will cause wrap decal edges to lift.
  • Avoid using any chemicals such as bleach, solvents, oil based cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, orange oil or engine degreasers. 

What can I use for spot cleaning my car? 

  • Use Simple Green or isopropyl rubbing alcohol to spot clean isolated stains. Rinse area with cool water after cleaning.
  • Avoid wiping the wrap when it’s hot; this can distort the material and cause wrinkling.

What happens if I spill gasoline on my wrap while filling up? 

  • Good practice is to take a paper towel and place it under the gasoline nozzle when removing it from your vehicle to avoid spilling gasoline on your wrap. Wipe off fuel spills immediately, then wash and rinse the affected area. Letting the gasoline stay on your wrap too long will degrade the vinyl.  A quick wipe with a wet paper towel at a gas station will clean the fuel affected area decently enough until you can get home to do a more through job.

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