New Fleet wraps for The Wrap Agency!

NEW Fleet Vehicle wraps for The Wrap Agency! 

With the new branding for The Wrap Agency, we wanted to launch with a bang! So be on the lookout for the new Wrap Agency fleet vehicles on the streets of Bozeman, Sioux Falls and Salem! We went super bright and bold with our new fleet wraps, this two tone design is all about brand awareness and getting the word out- The Wrap Agency is here and can cover all your wrap and signage needs! 

We wanted our fleet wraps to not only show off The Wrap Agency branding and services, but to also show off the unique personality of our diverse team. Each one of our fleet wraps contains a unique background pattern, hidden within the "toxic swamp" yellow of the design. Each pattern is meant to show off some of our favorite things, whether it be a pattern created with images of classic Beatles album covers, or a series of topographic maps, or our favorite comic book and cartoon characters, or a football theme that would make any Raiders fan drool! So next time you see The Wrap Agency fleet vehicle parked around your town, take a minute to examine it up close!  We wanted to show off the flexibility and diversity that can be used to complete a fleet of vehicle wraps, by combining partial and full vehicle wraps, we were able to adjust our designs to fit perfectly on each vehicle. Vehicle wraps are definetely not one size fits all, and our fleet is no different... Our current fleet includes a partial high gloss wrap on a black Ram 1500 truck, a full matte wrap on a Subaru Legacy GT wagon, and a new Ford F150 from our Bozeman office. Plus Dodge Ram 1500 matte partial wraps in our Salem and Sioux Falls offices. The fleet is always growing, so keep an eye out for new wraps all the time!