The Wrap Agency wrap in The Fourth Phase?

At The Wrap Agency (previously CSG Media) going to work every day and wrapping cars, trucks, trailers, walls, and windows with custom graphics is a great way to spend your day... But every now and then, a project comes through door that rises above the rest and gets our team especially fired up! In the spring of 2015, we worked with pro snowboarder Travis Rice's ASYMBOL Gallery in Jackson, WY on a custom trailer wrap featuring some of the best artwork from the world famous gallery. As if we weren't excited enough already to work with Travis Rice and the team at ASYMBOL, we found our that the trailer (and our wrap) would be featured in Travis Rice's upcoming sequel to the ultra-successful 2011 snowboard film "The Art Flight". Our entire team a ski and snowboard junkies and have seen The Art of Flight about a hundred times a piece, so the opportunity to have our work featured in the next film was unbelievable! After finalizing the design, the ASYMBOL Gallery team delivered the trailer to our shop in Bozeman and we went to work removing the old wrap (as seen in The Art of Flight) and installing the sick new design that AYSMBOL came up with. We went crazy on this wrap, embossed graphics, full matte wrap, high gloss logos and decals, we even did a full wrap on the roof to make sure that any drone scenes in the film would catch the wrap from the sky! 

The only downside of this whole project is that the install occured before our company rebrand. The trailer wrap features our old (CSG Media) logo and branding, not The Wrap Agency name.  Bad timing for us, but we were just excited to be part of the project! But just remember that the sick wrap install you see in the film was done be yours truly, The Wrap Agency (CSG Media). 

Due to licensing agreements with ASYMBOL Gallery and Red Bull, we are currently not allowed to reveal our full portfolio from The Wrap Agency install, so you'll have to look for it in the film- due out Fall 2016! What we can tell you is that the wrap features work from some of the most highly regarded artists in the outdoor industry and was one of the most fun installs we have ever been a part of, so stay tuned!