What sticker option is right for me?

Stickers and decals are everywhere, you see them on the road on vehicles bumpers, rear windows, you see them on water bottles, laptops and more. Stickers and decals are a great way to promote your business, band, orgnaization, team and more. SO how do you get started? Just throwm my logo on some vinyl and call it a day, right? Not so fast... There are a number of things to consider before you get your stickers or decals made, first of all what style of sticker or decal do you need? 

- Full color printed sticker, square or rectangle cut. These style decals are printed and then trimmed to a square or rectangle cut, often known as bumper stickers or label decals. These style decals are available cut individually, on a roll, or on a sheet. 

- Full color printed sticker, custom shape cut. These style decals are printed and then detail cut to leave only your logo or graphics remaining, this is perfect if your decal is a large size or your graphic is relatively simple, this makes it easy to cut and weed for production and will reduce your end cost. **Custom shape die-cut decals typically require a mask to install, this will be included in your order

- Full color printed sticker, contour cut shape. These style decals are similar to a standard custom shape cut, but a contour cut leaves a thin border around your logo or graphic to ensure that it is easily cut and weeded, and also that small details of your graphic will not fall off or get lost during production or install. This style decal is perfect for small decals that have to much detail to die-cut, or for graphics that are very complex and impossible to cut all the details. **Custom shape die-cut decals typically require a mask to install, this will be included in your order.

- Solid color decal. Instead of printing, this style decal starts with a solid color film of your choice and die-cut to leave only your graphics/logo remaining. Since it does not require printing, this is your most cost effective solution if you need a die-cut decal. **Custom shape die-cut decals typically require a mask to install, this will be included in your order.

Once you have decided what style decal you need, now it is time to decide what quality of material you need for the project. If you need 5,000 stickers to slap on pizza boxes at your restaurant, you probably want the cheapest solution possible, and therefore will need to print on a more paper-like material because logevity of the decal is not an issue. However, if you are selling your stickers are your business and want your customers to keep the decals and display them on a variety of items, you will need to go with a more semi-permenent, high performance material option that is meant to last. 

A knowledgeble print shop will be able to walk you through your options and ensure that you get the right cut option and material for your needs. People often ask us  "I know you do wraps, but can you do stickers?" The answer is YES! The Wrap Agency can produce any type of sticker or decal that you need!  No matter how big or small your order is, we can help! Stickers, decals, printed, solid color, die-cut, round, square, temporary or permanent - anything you need, call The Wrap Agency for your next sticker or decal job!