406 Brewing Co.


The Wrap Agency can produce decals and stickers of all kinds! Stickers and decals can be used for any number of things, but one thing is for sure they are a great way to help spread your brand awareness, if you're lucky, someone will like your stickers enough to slap them on their car window, water bottle or laptop! This project was a simple contour cut decal package for 406 Brewing Co. in Bozeman MT. Since these decals were meant for outdoor use and for use on beer bottles it was very important (for the client) that the decals could last through the weather and elements that an outdoor decal or bumper sticker will endure. We printed these with a high perfomance vinyl from 3M® giving the client the durability that they desired. Although this particular client preffered the high performance decal route, The Wrap Agency has options for all decal needs and budgets, whether you need a decal to last 3-5 years on a vehicle or if you need temporary stickers for your tradeshow giveaway, The Wrap Agency has the solution for you! Give The Wrap Agency a call for a free quote on your next decal or sticker project.