Augustana U. Music Dept.

Wall wraps

We love working with our friends at Augustana University, they are always coming to The Wrap Agency with fun and exciting projects. These wall wraps, and locker wraps for their music dept. are no different! Augustana came to us with a rough idea for transforming their walls and lockers with instruments, music notes, and other musical themes. Our graphic design team took their suggestions and knocked this design out of the park! With corresponding musical instruments to each part of the band, musical typography layouts, and flowing musical note designs- we transformed these lockers from their original look to a one of a kind vibe. From there we took to the walls, using our ultra conformable 3M® vinyl wraps we wrap and melt the material into the brick walls to make the wraps appear to be almost painted onto the surface! In the end, the Augustana Music Dept. has been completely transformed by our custom designed vinyl wall wraps! Call The Wrap Agency for your next wall wrap project, we would love to work with you and help you bring your ideas to life! No job is too big or too small, The Wrap Agency is here to help with all of your vinyl wrap and advertising needs.