Advertising Wrap

The team at Barkenhowell's came to us with "well used" 70's delivery truck that needed some love. Barkenhowell's was looking for a simple design that incorporated their existing branding and played off the style of their cool old box truck. The Wrap Agency's design team incorporated their bright yellow and red color scheme and their signature checker board pattern for the bottom half of the truck, while blowing up their logo as large as possible on the side area. We also created a series of custom graphics such as a callout to Barkenhowell's famous "Peanut Butter Squirrels", a favorite of any dog who is lucky enough to get one. To top it off and complete the transformation, we covered their old beat up paint with a fresh new white wrap making this 1970's delivery truck look as though it just pulled out of the dealership parking lot. It is always fun to bring new life to an older vehicle like this, they don't make them like they used to anymore and we are proud to help keep this classic delivery truck out on the streets! Call The Wrap Agency today for a quote on your next project, we are here to help with any task large or small!