Battle Ridge Builders

Color Change Wrap

Battle Ridge Builders likes to stand out from the competition, taking on only the most specialized and difficult projects from across the country. They also wanted their fleet to stand out from the competition as well, Battle Ridge has an extensive fleet of all red trucks traveling the country every day- so what do they do when their new F450 can only be purchased in white? Call The Wrap Agency for a full color change wrap! 

We took this brand new Ford F450 and it's factory white paint job and transformed it with a full color change wrap in 3M Gloss Red wrap film. Battle Ridge decided that a color change wrap was the right choice for them after weighing the benefits and pricing of the wrap compared to a professional paint job. The Wrap Agency can provide a color change wrap at a fraction of the cost of a traditional paint job, providing a 5 to 7+ year lifespan and a look that you would never know it isn't paint! The other great thing about a color change wrap is that it not only transforms your vehicle into a fresh new color and finish, but it also protects your factory paint job underneath the wrap! So when you decide to peel off the wrap, you can rest assured that your paintjob is going to look just as great as it did before the wrap was installed! Color change wraps are also available in a variety of finishes and textures such as matte, satin, chrome, gloss, carbon fiber, brushed metal and much more. Call The Wrap Agency for a quote on your next fleet vehicle wrap, and ask about color change wraps and how they can transform your vehicle!