Bozeman Health

Elevator Wraps

Bozeman Health (formerly Bozeman Deaconess Hospital) has amped up their marketing efforts with their 2016 rebrand, we have been there the every step of the way wrapping or rewrapping their fleet vehicles, signage and more! Bozeman Health wanted a fun way to promote their 2016 Women's Choice Award for America's Best Hostpitals for Obstetrics, so we worked with them to create and install these fun baby graphics on elevator doors around the facility. These elevator wrap graphics provide high visibility advertising for their award winning Obstetrics program, while also providing a splash of color and fun into an environment that isn't always the most upbeat. With these new elevator door wraps, you can't make it through the Bozeman Health hospital without a giant baby brightening your day! Elevator wraps are a unique new form of advertising which allows you to target a very specific audience and with the flexibility of wrapping both exterior doors and interior elevator walls, you can transport your viewer into another world for their elevator ride. Elevator wraps are a great way to advertise and one of our favorite wrap projects! 

The Wrap Agency specializes in unique graphic vinyl wrap installations, elevators, walls, vehicles, trailers, boats, atvs, floors, windows, brick, concrete, wood, you name it - we can wrap it! Give The Wrap Agency a call for a quote on your next wrap project, we would love to help you bring your ideas to life!