Crack of Dawn Food

Trailer wrap

Our friends at Crack of Dawn "Breakfast (almost) all day" wanted to start their new business off on the right foot with a custom trailer wrap from The Wrap Agency. The idea was to take their newly created "chicken characters" and incorporate them into a farm themed wrap design that not only matched the style of the characters and the brand, but the personality and attitude of the owners and staff. Our team of talented graphic designers came up with multiple farm style concepts, but in the end the client decided on this old barn themed design. We added fun bright blue trim pieces to the barn design and ensured that during install that the trim would hit perfectly on the window and door frames. We decided to go with an ultra matte laminate to make the wrap feel more "wood-like", and the result is amazing. The team at Crack of Dawn is now ready to hit the road with their unique breakfast menu and eye catching new wrap job from The Wrap Agency! Look for Crack of Dawn traveling from city to city and festivals around the northwest in the coming months! Call The Wrap Agency for a quote on your next food truck or trailer wrap, our design team can bring your ideas to life!