Diesel Pros

Vehicle Decals

Diesel Pros is the best in the business when it comes to customizing diesel trucks and Jeeps. Based in Bozeman, Diesel Pros has built some of the most highly regarded and widely talked about custom trucks in the region. Diesel Pros' owner came to The Wrap Agency wanting to create a decal package for his fully customized Ford F350, he was looking for something that screamed Diesel Pros without having to invest a huge amount into a full or partial coverage vehicle wrap. We worked with him to create this full color printed logo package showing off not only the Diesel Pros branding, but also his biggest sponsors and aftermarket parts brands as well. The end result gives the Diesel Pros brand the size and visibility that it needed while not covering a huge space on the truck and still keeping the project within the client's budget. This is a great example of how The Wrap Agency can create custom vehicle graphic designs to be used to create a buzz for your brand without breaking the bank, this project gets huge visibility for the brand without wrapping the entire car with advertising. Call The Wrap Agency for a quote on your next wrap or vehicle graphics project.