Glass Doctor

Vehicle Wrap

At The Wrap Agency we specialize in working with businesses of all sizes to wrap and manage their fleet of work vehicles. Whether your business has one vehicle or 100, we are here to help you find the wrap or decal package that is right for you. We can help you fro square one and create a brand and identity package for your brand, then implement it into a vehicle wrap or graphics package. We take pride in our flexibility on the design end before your fleet is wrapped, we can take a design and make it work for nearly and make and model of vehicle! So if your fleet has multiple style vehicles like a Volkswagen Beetle, a Jeep Wrangler and a Nissan NV van - we can create a fleet wrap design that will fit all three! 

This project with Glass Doctor is a great example of a full coverage fleet wrap design, we worked with their corporate team to translate the design into fitting this vehicle perfectly. Every wrap is different and so is every business, lets work together to find the right solution for your fleet! Call The Wrap Agency today for a quote on your next fleet vehicle wrap!