Black Label Construction matte black wrap

Vehicle Wrap

Our friends over at Black Label Construction wanted to customize his new 2016 Chevrolet Silverado with a custom full matte black wrap. We created this custom wrap pattern with a watermarked barnwood pattern covering the truck bed and tailgate, the pattern fades into solid matte black on the front half of the truck. We complemented the subtle matte background pattern with high gloos neon green branded decals on the front doors. This design shows off Black Label Construction's rustic roots while keeping a level of sophistication and elegance that their high end construction company provides. You definetely won't see too many construction vehicles with this type of swagger, we took extra care to chrome delete the mirrors, door handles, and window sills to complete this Silverado matte black wrap. One great thing about a matte wrap is how well it hides the dirt and grime, which was a big selling point for Black Label Construction. Driving in and out of dusty jobsites every day takes a toll on your gloss black paint job, this full matte black wrap does just the trick to keep it looking fresh and clean in between washes. The Wrap Agency is your source for wraps of all kinds, vehicle wraps, wall wraps, window graphics, trailer wraps, boat wraps, original graphic design and more. Give The Wrap Agency a call for a quote on your next wrap project and let's bring your ideas to life!