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Boat Wrap

The Wrap Agency is your source for the best boat wraps and graphics in the industry. Whether your boat's factory paint is cracked and faded and is in need of a facelift, or if you want to cover your original design with something new and fresh - The Wrap Agency can wrap boats of all kinds, drift boats, speedboats, fishing boats, jetskis, pontoons, yachts, and more! 

RO Drift Boats in Bozeman, Montana came to The Wrap Agency looking for a classy wrap to show off their new drift boat model for the upcoming tradeshow season. After meeting with the team at RO Drift Boats about their design ideas, we landed on a rich woodgrain texture to create the appearance of the entire boat being made of a classic stained woodgrain canoe or runabout boat. We then took the smooth surfaces on the inside of the boat and wrapped them to match, making the entire boat really flow together. The Wrap Agency is the shop to call for your next boat wrap, vehicle wrap, wall wrap and more - we can provide a custom design to fit your specific style and preferences. Give us a call today and lets talk about how we can transform your boat into a one of a kind watercraft!