Food Truck

Food truck wraps are one of our favorite types of projects at The Wrap Agency, what could be better to wrap than a huge box on wheels? S-Bar-S BBQ came to us looking for a design to show off their new food truck in Sioux Falls. Every project begins with design, so The Wrap Agency design team began by consulting with the client to brainstorm design ideas for the food truck wrap, S-Bar-S had a solid concept for what they wanted included into their food truck wrap design. In the end, the client decided on a custom flame and grille theme wrap with ultra high resolution printed photos and textures. This design gives the appearance of the truck being on fire and submerged inside of a flaming barbeque. The swooping transition to the front of the truck allows for the truck to achieve the appearance of a full wrap without the extra cost of wrapping the front end of the truck, this is a great example of how quality design and layout can be used to save some money and meet the client's budget. Achieving maximum brand exposure while still meeting the client's budget is why we are the best in the business! Call The Wrap Agency today for a quote on your next vehicle wrap or food truck wrap, lets get to work on your next wrap project!