Box Truck wrap

SEAM - Secure Enterprise Asset Management needed to add some branding and flare to their 25 foot box truck. When you are dealing with a trailer or box truck, you basically have a the potential for a billboard on wheels and need to take advantage of that potential visibility and that is exactly what The Wrap Agency - Sioux Falls did with this wrap. SEAM had a design concept worked up that they wanted to use for the project and so we went right to work printing this enormous wrap! The results are a crisp, high definition print that screams SEAM branding and accomplishes all of the clien't advertising goals. We covered both sides, rear and front with full SEAM branded graphics and wraps, this box truck is on its way to bringing in a ton of new business for SEAM, whether they are parked at a clients office or traveling the streets of Sioux Falls people are going to know that SEAM is coming! Give The Wrap Agency a call for all of your wrap and advertising needs, we would love to help with your next trailer or box truck wrap project and help transform your vehicle's canvas into an advertising machine!