Shearman LLC

Trailer Wrap

There is a common misconception that vehicle or trailer wraps have to be expensive, and that they are only for the "big" companies. This couldn't be more wrong! We work with companies of all sizes and with all types of budgets. Shearman LLC a local Bozeman Construction and Landscaping company, they came to us looking for an inexpensive way to transform their new black enclosed trailer. We worked with Shearman to take their branding and create a hgih visibility, yet low cost decal package for their trailer. By using only a decal package instead of a full trailer wrap, we were able to cut the costs down and stay within the client's budget. You don't have to sacrifice visibility to save money, sometimes it is as simple as a creatively placed design featuring the proper information. This design highlights Sheaman LLC's logo, colors, services, and contact information while still keeping the overall square footage of the trailer wrap down. 

At The Wrap Agency, no job is too big or too small- so give us a call for your next trailer wrap or decal package and let's get to work creating an advertising wrap that fits your company's style and budget!