Subaru Legacy GT

Color Change Wrap

Our client wanted to take his new (but used) 2005 Subaru Legacy GT and transform it from the typical midnight navy blue paint job to something one of a kind. After shopping color change wrap films from 3M®, Avery Dennison®, Oracal® and Arlon®, he decided on Matte Brilliant Blue Metallic film from Avery-Dennison®, and to top it off he wanted to wrap the roof gloss black for a two-tone effect! The result not only covers up the old scrated and weathered paint, but alse gives the car a one of a kind flare that only a matte film wrap can provide. We then took all the chrome accent pieces from around the car and did a full blackout with the same gloss black film, throw on some new 18" matte black wheels and this previously stock Subaru has a much more agressive and distinctive look. Aside from looking great, color change wraps are a great option becuase they actually protect your factory paint job underneath the wrap. This is often why a color change is a preffered option for a leased vehicle, wrap your new car for 2-3 lease period and at the end peel it off revealing the flawless paint job undrneath. The Wrap Agency is your source for color change wraps, vehicle wraps, wall wraps, graphic design, signs, banners and more- Call us now for a free quote!