Toyota 4Runner

Color Change Vehicle Wrap

For some of our team (in this case, a team spouse) our Toxic Swamp green fleet wraps are just a little bit too obnoxius and over the top, I can't figure out why... In these situations, it's nice to do a little more subtle branding for The Wrap Agency extended family's vehicles, in this case a brand new 2016 Toyota 4Runner. We took this gloss black base paint and made it work to our advantage, doing a full color change wrap with gloss black accents working together to make this Toyota 4Runner a one of a kind ride. We wrapped the 4Runner with Arlon matte copper mettallic film, but left the fendors, mirrors, roof and parts of the grille black to create a cool two tone effect that you have never seen on another 4Runner- we even wrapped sections of the wheels in gloss black to add to the effect! The Wrap Agency offers color change film wraps in hundreds of colors, and a variety of finishes, such as matte, gloss, chrome, brushed metal, carbon fiber and more. Color change wraps are a great way to customize your vehicle, while protecting your factory paint job. Color change wraps are rated for 4-7 years, and can be removed at any time to reveal your factory paint.