Weisser Distributing

Advertising Wrap

Weisser Distrubuting came to us looking for a solution to add some brand recognition and flare to their new (but used) delivery truck. A box truck or delivery truck like this is a great canvas for a wrap, and with the help of The Wrap Agency we can transform a blank white box truck into a billboard on wheels - driving in customers for your business! We worked with the Weisser team to create a photo collage wrap design showing off their branding, services and products. We chose to create their photo collage in greyscale to help their black and red color scheme pop off the background and help draw attention to their brand identity and colors. The end result is a easily recognizable and well branded fleet vehicle that will catch people's eyes on every delivery route in the Sioux Falls area! We love working with the team at Weisser Distributing and have since done a number of other wrap projects to help them continue to grow their brand. Call The Wrap Agency for all of your branding and signage needs from vehicle wraps, wall wraps, decals, signs, banners, graphic design and much more - give us a call for a free quote! 


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